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Courses in Biotechnology have been introduced in India both in Govt institutions (Either through funding of Deptt of Biotechnology, Govt of India or in self-financing mode) and in private institutions (mostly in self-financing mode). However, wherever the schemes are under self-financing modes, the infrastructures set up in terms of laboratories and libraries, is always more advanced and qualitatively better in private institutions. Secondly, these private institutions usually recruit specifically trained Biotechnologists who have carried out certain original researches in biotech fields. Therefore, at the present stage, even in terms of teaching quality in subjects of Biotechnology, the front-line private institutions have an edge over the Govt institutions.


The laboratories of Trident School of Biotech Sciences are an example of above principle. In this institution, laboratories have been provided for experiments of General Biotechnology/Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Bioinstrumentation, Microbiology, Plant Tissue Culture, Bioinformatics and Chemistry. In a centrally air-conditioned set up, these laboratories provide high standard equipments necessary for teaching of the university courses. The following links can be clicked to have a clear picture of the equipments available in different labs of TSBS and even the individual equipments can be viewed by clicking on the concerned name.

General Biotech Lab Molecular Biology Lab
Plant Tissue Culture Lab Microbiology Lab
Chemistry Lab Biocomputing Lab
Medicinal Plant Garden