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  • Affiliated to Utkal University, Odisha
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M.Sc. in Applied Microbiology

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Program objectives

  • To provide an advanced understanding of advanced concepts in Biochemistry, Instrumentation Sciences, Bioinformatics (through structure-function relationships), Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, Immunology, Environmental Biotechnology, Plant and Animal Biotechnology.
  • To provide with an understanding of handling laboratory instruments and automation through in-house and industry visits/ training.
  • To provide with the necessary skills to understand research journals, interpret data, collate ideas, and write manuscripts for publication.

Student development

  • Development of a research attitude and temperament through laboratory exercises, study of peer-reviewed journals, and interaction with scientists and faculties.
  • Development of an ability to conduct laboratory experiments with finesse and an attitude towards utilization of books and e-resources in the library.
  • Development of an ability to communicate effectively, work in multidisciplinary teams, and personal development.

M.Sc. Applied Microbiology

1ST SEMESTER: (250 Marks)

Paper-I Fundamentals of Microbiology (50 Marks)
Paper-II Microbial diversity  (50 Marks)
Paper-III Microbial Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics  (50 Marks)
Paper-IV PRACTICAL based on Paper-I, II and III  (100 Marks)

2ND SEMESTER: (250 Marks)

Paper-V Agricultural Microbiology and Plant Pathology  (50 Marks)
Paper-VI Environmental, Food and Industrial Microbiology  (50 Marks)
Paper-VII Medical Microbiology and Immunology  (50 Marks)
Paper-VIII PRACTICAL based on Paper V, VI and VII  (100 Marks)

3RD SEMESTER: (250 Marks)

Paper-IX Biostatistics, Computer Application and Instrumentation  (50 Marks)
Paper-X Microbial Biotechnology: Fundamentals  (50 Marks)
Paper-XI Microbial Biotechnology: Applications  (50 Marks)
Paper-XII PRACTICAL based on Paper IX, X and XI (100 Marks)

4TH SEMESTER: (250 Marks)

Paper-XIII Elective I (50 Marks)
Paper-XIV Elective II  (50 Marks)
Paper-XV Seminar cum Practical  (50 Marks)
Paper-XVI Project  (100 Marks)