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Trident  school of  Biotechnology students have about 4 (Four) different student clubs. Each club is guided by  a Faculty coordinator and is managed by students constituting the Governing body who are mostly drawn from final year and pre-final year of the programmes. The college provides the necessary seed funding for each of the  clubs. The activities of these clubs heavily focus on learning beyond the syllabus, self-learning in the respective domains and interacting with experts from industry academia.


‘Our farms-food for future’ is the most appropriate footage for a sustainable economy banking to solve the malaise of hunger, poverty, and malnutrition. We need to expand our search for more affordable food and diets in order to meet the demands of the global poor and diminish inequality within the society. At ‘Agrovatika’, we plan to nourish and flourish the art and science of functional foods, herbal diets, organic farming, herbal kitchen gardens etc. through a student based mass awareness program. The members of theclubstrategize towards propagating a healthy message through a literacy campaignon themaintenance of herbal gardens.This would invigorate an ethical concept towards the conservation of rare and endemic plant and forest resources. It is thought that through these planned promotional activities by the club members, we could increase considerable awareness among the youth and the old in every strata of the society and motivate them for the sustainable agricultural practices.


  • Educate and ignite among youths the importance of the sustainable agricultural and farming practices.
  • Allow creative source of ideas towards natural means of remedy to health and food-related issues.


  • To foster a green eco-movement at the level of college’s and various other clubs for promotion and preservation of ethno-economic plants of commercial importance.


  • To develop an inclination towards nature for the betterment of mankind.
  • To motivate towards sustainable eco-friendly agricultural practices and functional foods.
  • To inculcate the idea of maintaining a kitchen herbal garden at individual household level and thus propagating the habit in the society
  • To expand the knowledge of traditional medicine and intellectual property rights associated with it. could be preserved and this could be be effective for preserving endangered plant species
  • To ignite younger mindsfor accountability in food production that could meet the demands of swelling world population.


DrDeo Raj Sharma &MrPurna Chandra Mahapatra


JashaswaniPrusty (M.Sc 2ndyr)

HimanshuSekhar Dash



K Ashwini


Indira Priyadarshini Dash



M Lokesh

K Milton Majhi


  • Mission of this club is the biomonitoring and bioremediation of non-biodegradable materials like plastic, occurringin soil, sediment, groundwater and sewage


  • To create an awareness to maintain our environment neat, clean & green by using genetically engineered microorgansms through bioremediation processes
  • To motivate all members of this club to come up with innovative ideas about how togenerate renewable energy sources using waste materials
  • To ignite all young individuals to think how to develop efficient and sustainable bio-based processes to transformdomestic, industrial and agricultural waste into clean energy


Mr. Satya Ranjan Pradhan


Narmada Beura (M.Sc 2ndyr)

Sirin Mathews (B.Sc 2ndyr)


Soma Mukharjee


Soumendra Singh Deo


Soumya Mishra



Subhashankar Panda

The focus of the club “ Next-gen Bio” is to help individuals explore newer business plan, to familiarizeindividuals with the government initiates, policies, support and infrastructure, to sensitize individuals regarding initiatives and support available for entrepreneurship development


  • To support business development
  • To spread innovative product, processes and methods as distinctive knowledge and skills


  • To encourage and support to startup incubation and development of innovation led, high growth knowledge based business in the multi disciplinary area of biotechnology
  • To provide products with high quality


Mrs Chirasmita Mishra & Mrs Bandita Swain


Pragyashini Jena (M.Sc 2ndyr)

Suchideepa Dash (M.Sc 2ndyr)





Tejaswini Panda

Swetalin Dixit



Sweety Kumar

T Sweta


  • To create an awarenessabout how to develop a new strain of micro-organism for the production novel medicines
  • To motivate students about the importance of commensals


Dr Arup Sarkar


Dipteemayee Gochhi (M.Sc 2ndyr)
Bhanupratap Mohapatra (B.Sc 2ndyr)


Alisha Champati

Ayesha Afrin

Bharti Mohato

Bhavana Prasad

Vivek Nayak

Bikash Kumar Padhy

Dipak Panda

Deepsikha Panigrahi


Bio-reach club has been formed for taking initiatives on providing simple biological solutions to the under-privileged sections of the society. Raising the bar in the thought-promotion process and improving the livelihood through resource generation, facility utilization, and new opportunity generation are the yardsticks for rural upliftment and improving on the inequality status so prevalent in the society. Biological solutions with digital connectivity could re-define the progress of a nation still debted with poverty and malnutrition but credited with huge biodiversity resources. Any activity that reaches the science towards the development of mature society is welcomed and the club would focus on such goals. Sociopreneurship or social entrepreneurs are indeed the catalyst to changes in the social, cultural, and environmental realms of the society. We present dynamic social activists those who can present user-friendly and ethical ideas and change the perspectives through a bio-literacy movement.


To foster an attitude of social commitment in the young minds parallel to their professional work and ideologies through bio-sustainable revolution.


  • To inculcate values for acting as change agents for societies, inventing new approaches, and creating solutions to bring equality in society.
  • To drive innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity to address critical social and environmental challenges.


  • To make understand the delicate social fabric of our country through developing countries model representations.
  • To seek qualified and passionate volunteers for social entrepreneurs.
  • To discuss and formulate prototypes for simple biological solutions to socio-environmental nexus.
  • To educate ethics and morality in science and make it sustainable while identifying and solving a complex societal problem.
  • To involve under-privileged youths in nation-building through community partnerships while exploring the rich biodiversity resources.

Faculty Coordinators

Dr. Bharat Bhusan Patnaik

Dr. Arup Sarkar

Dr. Satya Pradhan