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All work and no play makes you a dull boy. Boys and girls join Trident School of Biotech Sciences in their late teens. The heavy work schedule prescribed by the university (Utkal University) hardly leaves any breathing time. Nonetheless, when someone is in an institution of the Trident Group, he/she surely gets a chance to demonstrate talents and creative ability through the following programmes.

TRIFEST – The Annual Cultural Show

Trident’s Annual Spring Festival is celebrated in the campus sometime in February / March every year under the name of “TRIFEST”. Before the festival, a series of in-house competitions are mounted such as Athletics, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess etc under the category of “Sports and Games” and varieties of competitions like debates, writings, fine arts, dances, one-acts, instrumentals, songs etc are organized under “Cultural Events”. Not only that the students are selected for award of prizes in TRIFEST on the basis of these competitions, the Cultural Committee of the college picks the best performances worthy of display in the “Students-show” on stage on the TRIFEST day of the concerned college.

Usually, TRIFEST is spread over three days. Whereas one day is fixed for the engineering students, another day is fixed for the non-engineering students and the last day is usually devoted to performance by an outside celebrity performer.


Like UDAYAN for the technical students, ELIXER for the management students, the Biotechnology students of the campus organize their own festival under the name of “BIO-FEST”. This is a platform for Biotechnology students to showcase their talents in innovation, leadership and organizational ability. The college invites students from other biological institutions to participate in the festival. Several competitions like poster presentation, Quiz Competition, On spot-painting, Song, dance, Pick and speak, Debate, Essay writing are exhibited on the occasion of Bio-fest.


An initiative was taken by our very first batch of BTech students where a voluntary group was formed under the name of “KARTAVYA”.

This group felt the urge of giving back to the society by helping the needy whenever required and to standby and coordinate with the Government and non-Government bodies for extending voluntary help during disasters and emergencies.

The membership of KARTAVYA has been steadily on the rise. Not only that they have gone to help the flood affected and marooned villagers, they have voluntarily stood by the street orphans and have supported a literacy campaign in slums.

The members of KARTAVYA organize a voluntary blood donation camp in the college on an annual basis in coordination with “The Sambad”. Every year, such a camp succeeds in collecting about 400 to 500 units of blood voluntarily donated by the staff and students of the Trident group.


As a very recent phenomenon, on the suggestion of some leading students of Trident’s BTech course, a club has been constituted under the name of “MANAN”.

This club is responsible for development of general knowledge of students by organizing quiz competitions (Both general and technical). However, the more important contribution of the group is to plan for the spiritual upliftment of staff and students of the campus leading to an inner-calm and a serene peace. The group is working towards creation of positive vibrance in the campus so that the negative thoughts and restlessness amongst students come down substantially making the campus a place of learning in its true sense.

This group is advised by Trident’s Library In-charge Mrs. Archana Beura, who herself is an ardent follower of the principle.

Very shortly, the group is planning for various spiritual discourses including training on Yoga, Pranayam and like.