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  • Affiliated to Utkal University, Odisha
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Trident-BI (Business Incubator) an initiative of Trident Group of Institutions, Bhubaneswar and is supported by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) Enterprises of Govt. of India, New Delhi.

Trident-BI aims to coordinate, synergize and leverage the various strands of excellence driving innovation and entrepreneurship in a thriving ecosystem consisting of research at the cutting edge of science and technology. Trident-BI supports members of the ecosystem including staff, students, alumni, faculty, and R&D partners, in creating successful business ventures that can translate benefits from technology and knowledge innovations to the society at large. Trident-BI is working to fulfil its mission of promoting aiding and fostering the growth of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the country.

  1. To create massive awareness and sensitize the students of the Institute and unemployed youths inside & outside the Institute on the significance of Micro, small and medium enterprises as an alternative career option & contributory towards the economic as well as overall development of the state and the nation.
  2. To identify, nurture and support the potential entrepreneurs and to transform them into independent self-sustaining entrepreneurs.
  3. To function as a main Hub of Entrepreneuerhip Promotion and Development and providing handholding support to the grassroot level organization and other institutions.
  4. To foster linkages between the parent institution, Industries, R&D Institutions in the region and concerned organizations engaged in promoting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) including NGOs, other voluntary organizations and CSR units.
  5. To catalyze and promote development of S&T based enterprises and enhance employment opportunities.
  6. To develop a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem & to provide a platform for speedy commercialization of the research and technologies developed in the Institutes.
  7. To support the development, piloting and scaling-up of innovative social impact initiatives.
  8. To create avenues for funders to host new initiatives and to leverage a proven approach towards building new organizations.
  9. To patronize appropriate training programmes suitable for socio-economic culture of Odisha.
  10. To provide training to the entrepreneurs in skill development, technology and business management.
  11. To provide platform for IPR protection, Technology transfer and commercialization facility for the innovators.
  1. Information Technology (Internet Start-up)
  2. Bio-technology (Medicinal plant & herbal biotechnology, Immunology, Nutrition and Probiotics)
  3. Engineering Industries (Electronics, Electricals & Mechanical Engineering)
  1. To organize various programs on promotion of entrepreneurship like workshops, talks, seminars, and competitions in the campus.
  2. To conduct short-term programs on some entrepreneurial niche areas for the students of our Institute and others.
  3. To organsise short duration Entrepreneurial exposure and exchange programmes with NITs/IITs, and other Entrepreneuership promotion institutions of repute.
  4. To establish national and international tie-ups with Entrepreneurial experts, professors, Investors and donor agencies with a target to support small organizations, institutions, grassroot level NGOs to promote their Entrepreneurship drive.
  5. Introducing short duration certificate courses on Entrepreneuership development targeting the students and unemployed youths.
  6. To disseminate the in-house research and innovations to the local community for skill development training and ideas
  7. To organize and run annual idea exhibition
  8. To organise various entrepreneurship events, training programs, camps of national and international level.
  9. To organise and promote Investors and Innovators interfaces and meets to bridge the yawning gap between R&D and product development funding.
  10. To have collaborations with the local NGOs and other development organisations through training programmes, entrepreneurship camps with a target to publicize our innovations, ideas, developments among the communities as well as to create more young entrepreneurs as an alternative to reduce the rate of unemployment.
  11. To create a network of young entrepreneurs.

Major Outcomes

  1. A new trend could be set as more students are inclined towards enterprenuership activities and accepted it as an alternative carrer option.
  2. The entrepreneurship bent of mind of the students along with constant grooming could transform them into self-sustained entrepreneurs and gave them opportunities to utilize their knowledge, skill and potentialities.
  3. They could generate employement opportunities for many unemployed youths, poor people which could be contributory towards reducing the burden of unemployement and poverty.
  4. Various products, developments and research outputs could reach and benefit various sections of the people in the society.
  5. Our Institution emerged as a leading Entrepreneureship development Hub.
  6. Being a leading Hub of entrepreneuship it could provide guidance, assistance, training, consultancy service to other Institutions, agencies, NGOs who are working on the entrepreneurship development

Monitoring & Evaluation Mechanism

  1. A monitoring committee will function to do regular monitoring and assessment of various activites.
  2. Regular feedbacks will be taken from the students, staffs and other participants and stakeholders with an aim for further improvements.
  3. Regular reporting, documentation, case studies, photo reports will be done.
  4. Quarterly and six monthly meetings.
  5. Inspection and site visist by the external and internal teams.