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About Grievance Redressal Committee


  • A committee of senior members would be constituted by the management to consider and redress Complaints of Sexual Harassment. This Committee will be known as “Internal Complaints Committee” (ICC).
  • One member from the top of the Management.
  • One member from the top of the Administration(Male).
  • One Legal Advisor as a member.
  • One Social worker as a member.
  • One member from the level of Professor(Female).
  • One faculty member from each department.
  • One member from non teaching group.
  • One member from student committee.


Grievance can be real or imaginary, and employees file grievances for a range of issues that can be minor or major.

  1. Sexual harassment
  2. Mental harassment
  3. Pay and Benefits
  4. Workloads
  5. Work Conditions
  6. Union and Management Relations


  1. Any woman employee who feels and is being sexually harassed directly or indirectly may submit a written complaint of the alleged incident to any member of the ICC Committee, as per the format with her signature preferably within 7 days of occurrence of incident and not later than 90 days.
  2. The committee will meet at least twice or more times in a month to resolve the grievances depending on the seriousness of the complaint.
  3. To take conclusive decision and submit its recommendations to the deciding authority for removal of alleged grievances.


  1. A compliant box is provided at the ground floor of 2nd block for students.
  2. Similarly another compliant box will be provided at 1st floor (in front of ETC Department) of the same block for the staff.
  3. All grievances referred to the Grievance Redressal Committee for women (ICC) shall be entered in a Register by designated member.
  4. All complaints should be resolved within a time frame by looking into its seriousness and by two way approach.
  5. During the pendency of an inquiry on a written request made by the aggrieved woman the ICC may recommend to the employer to transfer the aggrieved woman to any other workplace, grant leave to the aggrieved woman up to a period of three months, grant such other relief to the aggrieved woman.
  6. On the completion of an inquiry the ICC shall provide a report of its findings to the employer within a period of ten days from date of completion of the inquiry and such report be made available to the concerned parties.
  7. The management can impose the following penalties, which are indicative and not exhaustive on an employee who is found guilty of sexual harassment. These can be further classified as minor and major penalties, as follows:
    • Minor Penalties: Written warning
    • Major Penalties:
      • Withholding of performance based pay awards and bonus
      • Withholding of promotion
      • Withholding of salary
      • Demotion
      • Transfer
      • Suspension from job
      • Termination of service
  8. The ICC will submit Annual report to the employee noting all the grievances addressed and action taken.


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