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Best practices are a set of guidelines, ethics or ideas that represent the most efficient or prudent course of action. The best practices generally dictate the recommended course of action and ensures that such practices are followed. Some of the parameters giving the factual information about best practices are given below-

  • Availability of lectures on intranet to students after classroom teaching
  • Use of multimedia for effective teaching-learning process
  • Availability of time schedule to students before start of semester
  • Summer training to upgrade the skills
  • Career guidance and regular mentoring
  • Parents-teachers meet
  • Language and communication labs and the art of Science writing

At Trident School of Biotech Sciences (TSBS) we understand the transformation of biological sciences into exciting challenges for future biologists. We ensure the teaching-learning process in biological sciences to be more quantitative as we understand a shift in focus towards integration of topics from chemistry, computer, and engineering sciences. We focus on technology-driven concepts with automation and a need for future impacts, such as Genotyping Technologies, molecular sensors, genomics, immunogenetics and many more.

We at TSBS prepare people for future changes than for present jobs. We believe in the premise “While the technical expertise required by the industry cannot be fully anticipated, computational biology, bioengineering and systems biology will be the underlying disciplines that support discovery and development”. Hence, we propose a need for applications-based projects that allows the interplay of progressive biological science domains. We make people prepared for tasks that increases emphasis on group work as we understand that “While the professional skills required by the industry and research cannot be fully anticipated, individuals will be required to work in interdisciplinary teams on applied problems, to communicate well, to have management capabilities and to understand ethical issues”.

At TSBS, we work at the best of our abilities to make biotechnology education an effective and purposeful initiative and be prepared for challenging multi-tasking roles in future.