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Attendance Monitoring

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Students are autonomous learners and active participants in their education. They take responsibility of managing their learning by attending all the prescribed lectures, seminars, classes, meetings with their mentors/supervisors. At TSBS, faculties provide appropriate teaching and learning resources, monitors student’s progress, assesses student’s work, and provide feedback to students which helps them to learn.


At the start of the academic year, TSBS publishes a clear statement of the level of attendance and engagement expected from the student. This is normally communicated during the induction events.


  • General information on attendance requirements

At TSBS, all taught sessions are compulsory. For PG students, all agreed supervisions and training sessions are compulsory. Similarly, all assessment tasks are deemed compulsory.

  • Details of the monitoring points that students are required to meet

TSBS makes it clear to students that they monitor their academic engagement and progress in order to offer them adequate academic support and to identify when support is needed from outside.

  • Consequences of missed monitoring points

TSBS makes it clear to students the consequences of inadequate engagement and what will happen if they miss their attendance.