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Mentor system

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Mentoring is a means of providing support, challenge and extension of the learning of one person through the guidance of another who is more skilled, knowledgeable and experienced, particularly in relation to the context in which the learning is taking place.

TSBS implements a mentorship system wherein each faculty of the department are assigned the responsibility of managing the academic and personal responsibilities of students. The faculty mentor are available for assured guidance of the students and at regular intervals take stock of their personal grievances. If needed be, the parents are informed accordingly regarding the ward limitations and professional development of the course.

Duties of Mentors

  • Working with the students as host, friend, and counsellor
  • Working with the student as educator, trainer, and assessor
  • Working across the organization as a planner, organizer, negotiator, inductor for student internships, projects and placements

Scope for students

  • Aims at improving personality, and disciplined academic behavior through regular interactions
  • Helps to improve their conduct and improve on their professional education
  • Motivation towards higher research and placement in industries
  • Learning time-management, multi-tasking and entrepreneurial initiatives