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Mutual Feedback System

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A mutual feedback system is a very efficient way of focused learning approach. Students need appropriate feedback on performance to benefit from courses. Similarly, faculties are given ample opportunities to explore new domains through a student’s feedback on teaching-learning process. Eventually it metaphors into mutual opportunities.  At TSBS, we work towards implementation of the following feedback plans for student’s academic and career justice.

  • Return examinations promptly, preferably within a week, if not sooner.
  • Schedule brief meetings with the students to discuss their progress.
  • Prepare problems or exercises that give students immediate feedback on how well they are doing.
  • Give frequent quizzes and study tasks to help students monitor their progress.
  • Give students focused feedback on their work early in the term.
  • Consider giving a mid-term assessment.
  • Be clear in relating performance level/expectations to grade.
  • Communicate regularly with students via e-mail about various aspects of the class.