• Permanently Recognised by Govt of Odisha
  • Affiliated to Utkal University, Odisha
  • DSIR Recognised SIRO Institution


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Trident School of Biotech Sciences sets its goal to craft the school as a leading educational hub with the aspiration to achieve regional, national and international repute in research keeping balanced harmony in academic and industrial research initiatives. Creating proper research atmosphere and mindset is the prime focus through which the center could find enthusiastic young minds who could come up with innovative ideas and provide solutions for number of present challenges mankind faces related to health, agriculture, environment and society.


  • Provide excellent academic ambience thus motivating students for future innovative opportunities in the field of biotechnology.
  • Provide a platform for student-teacher interaction for knowledge and know-how in frontier domains of biotechnology.
  • Promote Inter-disciplinary research by strategizing effective collaborations with various national and international organizations.
  • To inculcate a motivation for excellence in biotechnology education and research by providing routine training at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level.
  • To provide effective interdisciplinary learning ambience through student exchanges.
  • To undertake consultancy and entrepreneurial research initiatives in defined areas of biosciences through national and international collaborations.
  • To cater professional training for the development of skilled human resources.

The course curriculum of TSBS prescribed by Utkal University provides ample scope to test the inquisitiveness of the students through the active involvement in research projects aiming towards some daunting challenges of the world in the field of health, agricultural, environmental issues. These small research initiatives could be the founding stones of some bigger innovations that could help to shape the vital national projects and could be the solutions for global problem. Thus creating interest among students towards research is the focus of Trident Research.

Primary goals of the focused research initiative at TSBS are:

  • To build both core subject specific and interdisciplinary collaborations that inspire innovations among faculties as well as students.
  • Focus on to meet global health, agricultural, environmental and societal issues through the active participation and involvement in various challenging extramural, intramural and collaborative projects

The intension of research initiative at TGI is to place Trident Research in a clear leadership position in promising new and growing areas of engineering research through multifarious interests, such as IEDC activity, students’ technical club activities, investments in the form of Trident Intramural Funded Research Schemes, encouraging faculties and students participate in national and international conferences to encourage, motivate and recognize the research initiatives.