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SN Name



Ph.D. Topic University Guide Year of Regdn. Status
1 Mr. Manoj Kumar Swain,

Assistant Professor

Synthesis of polymer from cardanol based Castrol oils Ravenshaw University Dr. Narayan Ch. Pal, Dept. of Chemistry 2008 Continuing
2 Dr. Purna Chandra Mahapatra(Ph.D) ,

Assistant Professor

Assessment of air pollutants and chemical characterization of SPM & RSPM with special reference to heavy metals in Barbil-Joda areas of Orissa state Utkal university Prof. M Das 2010 Awarded in 2018
3 Ms. Eileena Mohanty Characterisation of Rotavirus Stracius of Odisha, based on VP8 region RMRC,BBSR Utkal University Dr. B. Dwibedi 2013 Submitted in 2017
4 Ms. Tanmayee Samantaray Topic: Neural imaging and Cognitive biomarlier development IIT, Guwahati Dr. C. Navin Gupta 2017 Thesis submitted in August 2014
SN Name

of Student

Field of Study University/Institute Guide Year of Regdn. Status
1 Ms. Dipti Rane Immunology TACT, Bhubaneswar Dr. A. Sarkar 2017 Continuing
2 Ms. Vasundhara More Immunology TACT, Bhubaneswar Dr. A. Sarkar 2018 Continuing
3 Ms. Eileena Mohanty Immunology TACT, Bhubaneswar Dr. J. Dandapat (Utkal University)

Dr. A. Sarkar

2018 Continuing