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Ms. Pratima Basak

Like most other cases in West Bengal, I was also advised by my college teachers and friends to pursue my M.Sc (Biotechnology) in Bangalore. I had almost made up my mind accordingly after I visited some colleges there. However, with a small hope, I came to visit TACT. I was surprised to see Trident’s facilities and I was completely at home when I talked to the senior faculty members here. Having passed out from this college, I am extremely proud when I meet my friends, who have completed M.Sc from Bangalore and other places, when I see my comparative knowledge. My M.Sc(Biotech) score of 73.4% gave me the 6th place in the University and subsequent acceptance for PhD in ICMR and post-Doc in University of Manitoba .

Ms. Devisha Sinha

My state Jharkhand does not yet have a good Biotechnology college. I had visited some colleges at Bangalore and Delhi. My parents however chose TACT because it was nearer. Although initially I was a bit unhappy for not being at Bangalore, after 2 years at TACT, I can confidently say that parents are always the best well wishers for the children and I am extremely proud to have passed out from this institution.

Mr. Arun Pradhan

My college Trident Academy of Creative Technology is easily the best Biotechnology education centre under Utkal University. With extremely friendly and caring faculty members, I had learnt a lot as to how to approach the subject of Biotechnology. Out of 20 full time Professors / Asst. professors / Lecturers, although all the 7(Seven) PhD holders were not teaching me, I had absolutely no difficulty to consult all of them for all my needs. I am grateful to my dean and all members of faculty for my achievements in being the topper of Utkal University in Biotechnology for the year 2008.

Ms. Sumana Chatterjee

I completed my B.Sc(Hons) in Chemistry in 2004 from Calcutta University and was on the look-out for a quality institution for my M.Sc (Biotechnology). I visited TACT and was immensely impressed with the facilities here. I am really grateful to my faculty members for scoring 72% in my M.Sc which has helped me to do my PhD in School of Tropical Medicine (ICMR) Kolkata.

Ms. Sweta Das

TACT is surely the best college in Eastern India to study courses of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. I had friends in TACT who came from Guhawati, Dibrugarh, Siliguri, Kolkata, Ranchi and Visakhpatnam. I am proud to announce that all our friends have passed out from this institute with very high level of satisfaction, both on academics and on extra curricular activities. Our faculty members are simply superb and they have positive contribution in my present job at CIFA, Bhubaneswar.

Ms. Swagatika Panda

It has been an extremely satisfying experience for me during my 3-years study in Trident. I was in the midst of brilliant students. About 10(Ten) of our own Trident students were competing hard under Utkal University with one another. It was a cake-walk for the six of us to find place in the top-10 list of B.Sc Biotechnology in the University. I am extremely proud to have passed out from Trident and grateful to the college for shaping my career and enabling me to be the topper of Utkal University in B.Sc. Biotechnology for 2009.

Ms. Manasi Tripathy

I did my B.Sc in Delhi University and came to TACT for my Post Graduation in Biotechnology. I am indeed happy that my education in TACT has helped me.

Mr. Arjun Ghosh

Having done my B.Sc(Hons) in Botany from Calcutta University, I came to TACT for my M.Sc in Biotechnology. The superior experience and knowledge gathered here has helped me immensely to be accepted for my PhD in the National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Disease (ICMR) Kolkata.