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Intramural Research Funding Scheme

This option presents an introductory overview of the Trident Research Intramural Funding (TRIF) Scheme or TRIFS, outlining the broad categories of the projects being considered candidate for intramural funding, application procedure, mode of application, application format (downloadable), approval procedure, procedure for release of fund, monitoring and evaluation method, amount of funding, fund utilization guidelines (e.g., equipment, books, journals, travel, conference registration, etc.), appointing research assistant/ fellow, etc. This will also include list of projects completed, list of projects on progress, etc.

Links to Downloadable forms:

  1. Format of Application for requesting project funding under TRIF Scheme
  2. Terms and Conditions for availing project funding under TRIF Scheme
  3. Utilization Certificate Format for funding under TRIF Scheme
  4. Template for Final Project Report upon completion of Project funded under TRIF Scheme

Active Intramural Research Projects

SL NO Name of Project Project Costs (INR) Name of Investigator

Study of traditional fruits and herbs that are used as effective medications by the ethnic people of western districts of Odisha
5000 Dr. Arup Sarkar
2 Impact Assesment of Bio-Waste Disposal in Bhubaneswar 10000 Mr Satya Ranjan Pradhan